Ethiopian Taxi Drivers In Washington DC

Ethiopian Taxi Drivers In Washington DC

Different parts of America are crowded with people of different ethnic groups. These ethnic groups migrate to America to look for jobs, mainly because of a poor economy in their homeland. Poor economic conditions where there are no jobs force the citizens of these areas to migrate. Coming to America is a stepping stone, due to the establishment of good networks and communications, relatives can follow and come to work in the same line. Such a situation has been observed in Washington DC, where taxi drivers are Ethiopian in ethnicity. Understanding why these taxi drivers are of one ethnic group requires an insight into the forces behind the phenomenon.

Ethiopian taxi drivers are not the only sight to behold in areas like Washington DC, in populated areas of America, certain lines of business are usually operated by foreigners. This phenomenon begins in their homeland, where jobs are scarce because families are poor and cannot afford a living. They then move to places like America, which are thought to be lands of opportunity. Indeed, a land of opportunities maybe, but there are hindrances to them, making limitations to their achievements. This forced them to do any work that can bring just enough money to feed them and put a roof above their heads.

When a person from another country

Limitations to their success include a lack of skilled training and qualifications to enable them to work high-paying jobs. They may have a formal education at best but were never advanced because their parents failed to support them. These migrants end up having a mindset that is focused on making money by any means necessary. There are other kinds of work that do not require any formal education or tertiary mastery, driving is one of these. Once you learn how to drive and own a driver’s license, you qualify for jobs in the driving sector.

When a person from another country finds a line of business or work that brings good returns, they communicate with relatives. Those relatives come to work in the same niche, making their kind populated in a particular field. This is the phenomenon that has happened in Washington DC, and taxi drivers are Ethiopian emigrants that were, in some cases, desperate for a job.

Ethiopian Taxi Drivers In Washington DC

Some solutions can be implemented in countries that face problems of high unemployment levels. Youth empowerment programs should actively work towards eradicating unemployment, especially among the vibrant youths. There should be equal opportunities for everyone in their locations, not giving way to bribery and nepotism. For such are the reasons why black nations have high unemployment levels, which are ever rising.

Such a combination of factors has contributed to why particular races do specific work in areas like Washington DC. They come from poor backgrounds with disadvantaged economic conditions that make things worse. With a background that forbids them to get decent jobs, Ethiopians do street jobs like taxi driving and other related offers. This is a problem that can be solved if pride can be removed in black societies and governments.